The Story of Style Us

Our Story

Firstly, we saw that there was an uncommonness for
eccentric fashion in Belize, whereby expressing ones
uniqueness can be seen as "unnatural" or "over the top". As a
brand, we intend to strategically revolutionize this system of
norms thus influencing a new era where people of all gender
identities can fearlessly express their individuality through
Style & Fashion, while empowering, promoting self love and
over all accepting and embracing our unique differences as a
Style Us was created as a primary means to exhibit unique
forms of fashion and to ultimately serve as the leading
platform for style innovation, individualism and
empowerment. Style Us was founded September 2018 by
Karina Varela and officially launched in June 2019 with the
intention of expanding, rebranding and essentially transition
into a Belizean fashion brand.

Our Mission

To encourage a platform for diverse and contemporary fashion styles for individuals looking to express their uniqueness and be BOLD.
We strive for people of all ages, culture & race fearlessly express
their style confidently while wearing our pieces. Knowing
that we gave them the power to express their true authentic
self. We want our products to be the catalyst to expressing
your individuality.


Our Core Values


What to Expect for the future of the Style Us Brand

Style Us will come in stages of growth. The end goal is to establish a global brand & manufacture our own pieces giving Belize its first global fashion brand. We hope to establish a chain of unique businesses that will only be possible through the execution of the Style Us brand, in turn creating a corporation based on our values and the values of those in our community.