Our Store Policies

After extensively studying the performance of Style us & its customer purchasing behaviour, we have established a list of policies for a smoother purchasing experience.

Online Orders (Instagram, Facebook & Whatsapp) Policies

Style Us has the right to cancel any order at any given time.

Vulgar, rude, disrespectful language will not be tolerated.

Our Primary form of payment is by online Bank Transfer. Secondary is by Bank deposits & lastly cash payments for those in San Pedro.

Failure to complete a payment will result in your order being marked as abandoned/ canceled.

If a payment was delayed, please check back with us before proceeding to make payment.

If you've decided not to proceed with a payment kindly cancel the order.

NOTICE : abandon orders will be noted when making future purchases with us.

Items in high demand or posted within 12 hrs cannot be placed on hold for a later payment.

All products are available to purchasing customers, for this reason items can only be placed on hold.

Bank deposits has a high risk of abandoning, cancelling or delaying payment, for this reason:

Highly demanded/ recently posted items cannot be held for a next day deposit. Your inquiry will be placed on standby until 8:30 pm, we will then inform you if the item is available to proceed with payment the following morning.

Holding time for items may very depending on the number of persons interested.

Inquiries made over the weekends for bank deposits will be asked to re-inquire when able to deposit.


At checkout we will assist as much with product measurements, size charts and material etc.

All orders are properly inspected before shipment and ensured spotless and is free of any imperfections.